From 2003 to 2011 a team of young people from Tacarigua Worship House embarked upon yearly Missions Trip to Byrea St Vincent.  

The Vision of these trips was that God has a specific plan and purpose for the young people in St Vincent and He can make a difference in their lives. His desire is to transform them and by extension the community of Byera.

God has broken generational curses, set lives free from rejection, low self-esteem, anger, fornication etc.  Through these Missions Trip we saw God move mightily and individuals coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The Church at Byrea was always immensely gratified with the Missions Trips to their village. Bonds of friendship and love were built and fostered over years through these trips.

The Missions Team influenced, the Sunday school department, the Youth department, the Women of Worth department and by extension the entire family circle in Byrea. New ideas, talents and words of inspiration were brought to fruition every year during our stint in the Byera village through the teaching of various skills.

The Team always took pleasure in fellowshipping with others, in an effort to touch the lives of many and restoring their hearts to Jesus Christ. Our mission has been and continues to be seeing lives transformed through the power of the HIS presence.


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