The Tacarigua Open Bible Church was the first Open Bible assembly to be established in north Trinidad. A group of individuals from the area who would normally meet for prayer, felt under the leadership of a pioneering missionary, that they wanted to be connected to a church organization and so they approached the Open Bible Family. Around 1968 Dr. Donald Bryan came and officially made the church a part of the organization. This church was started on the comer of Thavenot St. and Eastern Main Road. In the downstairs apartment of a rented house.

Pastor Joseph Roberts was the first Pastor of the new church. The early church did a lot of evangelism in the community. There were a lot of street meetings and the prayer meetings were powerful. Members of the church were also invited to the homes of unsaved people in the area to hold prayer sessions. The assembly went through some difficult times, including church-split trauma, but through prayer, the work continued.

There was a proposal to purchase a piece of property to build a church on Huggins Street, however, this was never done. The membership of the church began to dwindle. In the year 1984 some members of the now established Laventille Open Bible Church carne to revive and continue the work. Pastor Steve Aleong became the pastor, the church then moved to the upstairs of the Thavenot St. building. In 1986 Pastor Fitzroy Griffith became the pastor of the Tacarigua Open Bible Church also known as Tacarigua Worship House. There was a need to acquire land and in the year 1991 on 14·16 Richard St. property was purchased. In December 1998 we moved into our present, yet to be finished building.

During the many changes of the church the members kept praying and believing God. 2000 was declared the year of Prayer and Purpose, also 2002 was the year of Fullness and Dominion, it was a year of great blessing and increase. God has taught us to War and Worship continuously and our praise and worship album "Planted for Life”, released in 2006 is testimony of this. As we continue to strive to build the Kingdom of God let us not forget that our church was started with a group of people who met to pray. Let us continue to build on that foundation. Remember that “Building With Basics Brings Success”, and that our vision of Zech. 8: 23, that is conversion and consolidation of lives through cells, is well within our reach!


Tacarigua Worship House OBSC

14 -16 Richard Street, Tacarigua

Phone: (868) 640-9293