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What is a Cell-Based Church and Cell-Ministry?

In a cell-based church, such as Tacarigua Worship House (TWH), members meet in small groups and then come together weekly to praise and worship as a congregation.

At TWH the small groups, which are referred to as cell groups, meet fortnightly for approximately one and a half hours then come together on Sunday mornings for the weekly corporate worship from 9:30 am. At the Sunday morning worship the focus is on a time of praise and celebration centered on the glory of God.

Meeting in small groups enables the presence of Christ to be manifested in relationships of caring Christians. This provides an environment where people are edified and equipped to minister. Unbelievers are saved and given Christian nurturing. Leaders are identified and mentored to bring forth their fullest potential.

Under the guidance of the church’s leadership, the cell groups are mobilized to carry out the ministry vision of the church. The cell groups also nurture a sense of belonging which is difficult to experience in the large weekly worship assembly.

About Our Cell Groups

Tacarigua Worship House has several Cell groups designed to meet the diverse needs of the community.  There are two Women Cell groups, one Male cell, one Young Adults cell, and one Teens Cell. 

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