"Excellence, Attractiveness, Commitment, Individuality"

JACE Pre-School was established in April 2008 with a mission to encourage young children to learn, grow and develop as valued, unique individuals through a creative and interactive environment.

It is JACE’s aim to develop the child holistically (Spiritually, Physically, emotionally, creatively and morally); to create an interest for learning; To ensure Children’s needs for good health, nutrition, safety and protection are adequately met.

In an effort to achieve these goals, JACE sees the parent playing an integral role by their becoming involved in the school activities, attending and participating in workshops and parent meetings and developing a strong link between the home and school.

Through these interactions the school also aims to build parent’s confidence about their parenting skills, to educate parents about the needs of the children, to increase their knowledge of their children’s development and to offer counseling and guidance to parents as needed.

We at JACE appreciate the challenges of the working family where both parents sometime work outside the community. Therefore we provide a Morning Care facility from as early as 6.00 am, Monday to Friday,  to receive your children so that you can make it to work on time with the peace of mind that your love one is being looked after in a safe and caring environment. 

Additionally, although school hours are from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm, we also provide an Evening Care facility from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm, giving you ample time to collect your charge without having to make special and sometimes complicated work arrangements.

In any school, a positive learning environment is critical for a child's development. This not only consists of the physical setting, but also includes how the child feels or responds to the setting.

At JACE we pride ourselves on providing a  cheerful, Child friendly and secure learning environment. The walls are colorfully decorated, the rooms are well lit and the temperature is maintained at a the most comfortable level.  The modern bathroom facilities are also Child friendly and are always kept clean and well sanitized.

It is our purpose at JACE is to provide a preschool setting where learning takes place in a Christian environment. Here at JACE, we encourage imagination, exploration, creativity and an awareness of our relationship with God our creator, all in an atmosphere of play.

JACE offers a wide range of activities to complement the child's development. There are field Trips, Music, Gymnastic, Outdoor activities – Physical Education. There are also annual events such as Christmas concerts, Easter parades, Sports and family day. Birthdays are celebrated and each year, there is a Christmas food and gift distribution.

JACE fosters the development of manipulative, social and creative skills. Students are also exposed to topics such as Spanish and computers, Spanish, Phonics, Reading and Writing. There are exciting projects for parent and child, Fun craft,  building blocks and  building puzzles 


Tacarigua Worship House OBSC

14 -16 Richard Street, Tacarigua

Phone: (868) 640-9293